Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Twitter News

I got a message from Twitter the other day.  They said the men's gay chorus was following me.
I turned around to see if they really were.
They could be, but I didn't see them.

Wild Thing

I heard "Wild Thing" on the radio the other day.
It made me think of my very first boyfriend.  I don't know if I was ready yet, or if he was, but he thought so, and after a bunch of years of being the ugly girl, I was flattered by his attention.

He was a surfer with a Beatle haircut and exotic eyes like the the very skies above the beach where we met.

I don't know if either of us was the wild thing.  I don't remember singing it together, but that is the song which reminds me of him as a young man.

He is grown now with grown up problems different from mine but no easier to deal with.  I know where he is, far away from here and that long ago beach.  Sometimes I hope he hears a song and thinks of me too.