Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Extra Ordinary

Yesterday I saw Vincent Van Gogh crossing the street to 30th Street Station.  His hair and beard were closely cropped and glowed in the morning light with a peachy ginger color that was both pale and vibrant if such is possible.  His clothing was black with straps and buckles hanging loose.  His face was gaunt, as what else would it be, but he looked homeless.  No hat in the 21st century.  I did not stop to ask where he was keeping the paintings.

Today I saw a Muslim girl by a bus stop dressed mostly in black with the ubiquitous head scarf tied around her neck, not flowing over her back as sometimes happens.  She wore an India print dress that featured a brilliant print over what would be the apron if she wore one. I'm not sure what she was going for there.
 The effect was Romanian Peasant circa 1930 or so. 

 I wish I had a photo of either but driving and photography is still kind of touchy.
 One day the cameras will be in our heads.  Probably they will cause headaches but the government will know exactly what we are up to.  How scary is that?  The gain will be less than the loss of freedom I'm thinking.

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